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You can count on Nubian Construction to provide expert building services from our professionals! For your property in Chester, PA, don’t wait for lovely things to happen—hire us instead to guarantee outstanding quality! Stay here to learn what your local construction contractor can do for you. 

About Our Services

Bathroom Remodeling

Bathroom Remodeling
With so many materials at their disposal, redesigning a bathroom has never been easier. We consider ourselves incredibly skilled and resourceful, and we will put in every effort to complete the task at hand! Your bathroom renovation will require time and dedication, both of which we possess!

Kitchen Remodeling

Kitchen Remodeling
We’ve visited innumerable residences, so we know that people enjoy their surroundings’ lovely ambiance. Having a flawless kitchen with modern, functional, and exquisite appliances is a part of it. That entails providing us with a reasonable deadline so we can finish everything to the highest standard!

Electrical & Plumbing

Electrical & Plumbing
As part of our superior house building, we offer first-rate electrical and plumbing services. We want you to trust us for the intricate details, but we also want to handle the fun elements of maintaining your home to the highest standard. Electrical and plumbing systems can be hazardous or destroyed by a single mistake. Let’s handle the two!


We love to create art in the field of carpentry, and we value art just as much as anybody else! Woodworking calls for dexterity and a sensitive touch. It is not something to be taken lightly and requires careful thought. You may count on our staff to provide expert carpentry if that’s what you need!

HVAC Services

HVAC Services
The contractor you hired to change some features on the house ought to be qualified to handle your HVAC systems as well. That entails flawless installation and repair of everything. You can rely on us for a delicate service like this. We wonder what to do when our HVAC systems break since we know how terrible it would be. Don’t hesitate—give us a call!

Your Home – Your Style

Your preferences should be the only things you change in your house. That entails having the ability to complete the task flawlessly; everything you set out to accomplish should come to pass just as you had envisioned. You may be dedicated to it, but it will take a lot of time to perfect every aspect. If not, give a construction business a call, and they’ll finish the job! We look forward to showing you what exceptional quality home construction means.

Transform Your Vision into Reality with Nubian Construction Construction Contractor!

We Will Assist in All Manners

I enjoy lending a hand to people in need! We aspire to be unparalleled in every aspect, and we will stop at nothing to train relentlessly, learn from the best, and rehearse our techniques! Our clients merit it! When they work on their projects, they should have our full attention and dedication; that is how a professional construction service provider conducts business!

Elevate Your Space with Nubian Construction Construction Company – Call (610) 472-9169 Now!

Give our trustworthy general construction company, Nubian Construction, a call! We enjoy taking on various projects at Chester, PA residents’ homes because we are confident in our ability to complete them beautifully! Give us a call, and we’ll take care of everything on your property if you appreciate beauty in all its forms and want it to be how you want it!

Client Testimonials

by Emma E. Leon on Nubian Construction

I'd like to thank these contractors for their professionalism and skill in construction! I only had to call and schedule an appointment for my home to receive the professional upgrade it needed. They demonstrated passion and drive for excellence while being incredibly committed to the assignment! I highly recommend their professional construction service to anyone!

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